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The torque converter is an important part of a vehicle’s total combination. A torque converter is a fluid coupling device, attached between the engine and transmission, which acts as a torque multiplier during initial acceleration. Torque multiplication occurs during acceleration and stall mode. This is when a torque converter will produce more torque to the drive wheels than the engine is producing.  If you raise the horsepower in the engine, but your torque converter is not built for the increase in horsepower, there is little effect on your car’s performance.

When building torque converters for high performance applications, there is no magic formula, it should be built for its intended application. We custom build high performance converters to your vehicle’s specifications. To determine your engine’s peak torque and match the stall speed ratio with the engine’s horsepower, we will need to know the engine size, vehicle weight, cam specs, rear end ratio, transmission type, motorplate thickness, and your desired stall speed.  Call us today at 817-563-5556.

Stall Speed

Stall Speed is the amount of engine rpm that can be attained at full throttle with a transbrake engaged and the transmission in low gear before the drive wheels turn. Torque multiplication rapidly decreases until it approx. reaches a ratio of 1:1 (no torque increase over crankshaft torque). A typical torque converter has a torque multiplication ratio in a range of 1.8 to 2.5:1.

The amount of stall needed to overcome the load depends on how much the torque converter needs to spin to generate enough fluid force on the turbine to overcome the resting inertia of the vehicle in wide open throttle. Load originates from two places - the amount of torque from the engine through the crankshaft; and from inertia, the resistance of the vehicle to acceleration, which places a load on the torque converter through the drive train.

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